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Sao Hill
near Iringa

Map co-ordinates -8.31931,35.312282 Google Satellite Map

Photo courtesy of John Spence, pupil from 1953 - 1957

Not to be confused with the new Southern Highlands School in Mafinga run by the wife of the former Tanzanian Education Minister, which is modeled to a degree on the original school,
and who graciously refreshed my memory on several points.

Driving direction - turn Left at John's Corner.


Original Headmaster: Geoffrey Holland - mother "Moggie" lived there also with her little terrier
Deputy: Mr. Peter Lycett and his wife (Joanna?).  He played cricket for England before the War.
Teacher: Michael Robin Fortescue Carter (broke his jaw in a motorcycle crash and had it wired shut for some time)
Matrons: Elaine Leuty (from South Africa), Miss Hoogerstegge (sp?)(Dutch - believe she married Mr. Carter)

Pupils that I can remember

Anthony J. Craddock, pupil from 1950 - 1954
Keren Craddock (McCullagh) pupil
Jeremy McKenzie (one of the few who could run faster than me, and a great fast bowler)
Charles Lousada
Putter White (whose nose we broke twice)
Alex Hamlyn (the school bully till I chased him across the soccer pitch throwing rocks at him - my "Lord of the Flies" moment)
Cara and Sandra Swain
Richard Vane Tempest (whose father showed up blind drunk for the parents v pupils soccer match)
Simon who had only one leg and only three fingers on each hand
Somebody Trotter
Hadji Halamagolou (he may have been at Epsom College with me in the UK, a bit hazy here!)
The Ghauis
Ian Mertens (a redhead)

Memories from other pupils



Dickie Edwards, a local farmer, who used to do power drifts in his pickup truck  round the dirt driveway to impress the young matrons.
Shooting practice on Tuesday's at the rifle range.  Then the ongoing pastime to pass the time of digging in the dirt bank to find the spent bullets.